Straw Pellets


1 Pallet= 65 Bags

Highly absorbent soft straw pellet horse bedding

For mucking-out, made easy!

Sun-e-bed is a highly absorbent, sustainable horse bedding that saves time mucking-out, without compromising bed quality or comfort.

Man spreading Sun-e-bed straw pellets on stable floor

Highly Absorbent Pellets

Sun-e-bed pellets are our most absorbent horse bedding. They rapidly soak-up urine, eliminate odour, and are highly economical – even for wet and messy horses!

Horses hooves on Sun-e-bed soft straw pellet bedding

Easy to use

Sun-e-bed pellets don’t need watering. The soft texture breaks-down and fluffs up while in use. Droppings are easily separated and wet patches clump together for easy removal, with minimal waste.

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