Sundown Yellow


1 Pallet= 30 Bales 

Absorbent chopped rapeseed straw horse bedding

Good for your horse, good for the environment!

Sundown Yellow is highly absorbent and the most hard-wearing of our chopped straw bedding range, with a great environmental profile.

Horses hooves in fluffy straw bedding

Highly Absorbent Bedding

Chopped rapeseed straw has a pithy core, making it highly absorbent. Compared to wheat straw it is longer-lasting and hard-wearing, making it ideal for wet and messy horses.

Chopped straw bedding being thrown up with a fork

Expertly De-Dusted

Our unique dust-extraction method uses a vacuum to remove any dust from Sundown Yellow bedding, not just once, but twice! This supports a healthy stable environment, and we add eucalyptus fragrance for a fresh, clean smell.

Big bales of straw being stacked in a field

High Quality, Made Locally

Only the best quality British rapeseed straw is selected for Sundown Yellow, which keeps our our quality high and our transport miles low. We work with local farmers and bale some of our own straw near to our manufaciring site.


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