Paper Bedding


1 Pallet= 28 bales

ECObed is an easy to use, easy to maintain, warm and natural solution for your stables. If you’re looking for a product that provides less wastage, will save you precious time when mucking out, as well as being environmentally friendly, then look no further.

The comfort, safety and health of your horse is an integral feature of our products;  virtually dust free it is proven to be successful with COPD or other respiratory problems, as well as being uniquely made with 100% corrugated cardboard that keeps the top surface dry, odourless and retains heat.

And when you’re finished with ECObed you can use it as mulch and an effective deterrent of weeds, or in a muck heap it will decompose much quicker than straw or shavings.
  • Top Quality
  • Low dust count
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Warm and soft

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