Blue Frog is simply one of the best quality equine bedding products you can buy and is the official bale of choice for the equestrian events taking place at this year’s Olympic Games.

Before being turned into shavings, the virgin pine used in Blue Frog undergoes a unique process in which the timber is de-barked to ensure the cleanest possible bedding. Once de-barked, the timber is then planed to the optimum flake size and heat treated to ensure it is sterile and that there are no fungi, spores or bacteria present. Regular independent micro toxicity tests are also carried out to ensure the ongoing sterility of the product.

The final, and most significant stage in the process is to treat the flakes so that virtually every dust particle is removed, ensuring the cleanest and healthiest living environment for
your horse.

And as Blue Frog bedding is created from virgin pine - never from recycled waste products - you are helping to plant more trees as all the timber used comes from government managed Coillte forests in Ireland.



Sourced from sustainable pine forests both in the UK and in Europe, the shavings in our medium flake bedding are an excellent bedding option for your horse.

Fully sterilised and dust extracted, these manufactured flakes are very clean and absorbent, providing a deep, comfortable bed for your horse which helps to support its joints and hooves. And not only do large flakes benefit your horse, they also take longer to break down, making them economical to use and easier to muck out.


A product that is growing in popularity among horse owners, these small flake pine shavings are sourced from sustainable UK pine forests. As with the larger flakes, they are heat treated and fully dust extracted to provide a comfortable bed and healthy stable environment for your horse.

Both the large and small bedding flakes come in 20kg heat sealed bags for convenience of use.

We would be very happy to provide you with more information or discuss your requirements in more detail. Please just give us a call on 07813 143 133.

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