Enrich your horse’s diet with nutritious Superioats

Many owners now choose to supplement their horse’s diet with a quantity of nutritious naked oats.

Made entirely from naked oats, Superioats differ from traditional varieties in that they do not have a fibrous outer husk, making them a much more concentrated source of energy for your horse. This lack of husk also means that, as well as being more easily digested, naked oats benefit from a much higher density to energy ratio so you have to feed a smaller bulk of food in order to achieve the same calorie intake.

Studies have shown that naked oats provide your horse with a 27% higher level of digestible energy, which means that for every 10kgs of traditional oats you feed, this could be replaced by 7.3kgs of naked oats. Reducing the bulk of food naturally reduces the volume of gut contents and therefore improves the ratio between muscle and whole body mass, a key factor in the performance of working and competing horses.

In addition to them being more easily digested, naked oats benefit from having a 75% higher concentration of natural oils than traditional varieties, making them a denser and more satisfying energy source for your horse.

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Haylage - a rich source of fibre and essential nutrients

A highly nutritious and palatable equine feed, haylage is an energy source that is rich in fibre and dust free.

Retaining up to 90% of the feed value of fresh grass, haylage is rich in essential nutrients and provides your horse with a forage which is highly palatable as well as being more economical to use than hay.

We source the grass for our haylage direct from the Nunn family farm on the outskirts of Newmarket so we can be certain of the high quality of the product we supply to you.

Husk-free naked oats
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