New Premium Bedding Range from Blue Frog

After extensive trials at their brand new state-of-the-art factory, Blue Frog have developed their most comfortable and dust-free bedding products ever.

Their new large and small-flake equine bedding range is virtually dust-free and is, without doubt, amongst the most hygienic and comfortable products on the market today. And as it also gives excellent coverage, this makes it a very economical option for your stable too.

The large-flake bedding has been shaved to a much finer weight than many other similar premium bedding products and, as a result, creates a bed that gives unparalleled comfort and absorbency.

These 42 per-pallet bales come with specially moulded covers which, unlike shrink-wrapped bales that have a tendency to unravel, can be safely stored outdoors without any chance of water leaking in.

We would be very happy to provide you with more information about Blue Frog’s new bedding product range or discuss your requirements in more detail. Please just call us on 07831 143 133 for more information or to arrange a delivery.

The Benefits Of Pine Bedding For Your Horse

One of the main causes of equine respiratory problems is dust in their bedding. The effect that dust has on a horse's health is well-recognised as a problem that can have a serious impact on how well it is able to perform. Not only can dust in bedding impair your horse's performance, prolonged exposure can also cause your horse to become sensitised and develop an allergy to it.

Each of the bedding varieties we supply are made predominantly from pine which has long been known for its antiseptic and health-giving properties, making it a naturally hygienic bedding product. And as pine has a much more open and springy molecular structure than other soft woods such as spruce and beech, it does not flatten quite so easily, producing a more absorbent, longer lasting and comfortable bed for your horse.

All the bedding we supply has also been heat sterilised to virtually eliminate dust content and to provide the healthiest possible living environment.

The bedding we supply comes in a variety of shaving sizes to suit your requirements, whatever they may be. Please take a look at our entire range by following the link below.Full product range


Pine is naturally antiseptic, containing oleoresins which naturally help suppress harmful bacteria, fungi and the and E. Coli virus. Pineís molecular structure prevents it becoming compacted too quickly, providing a comfortable bed which is easier to muck out. This structure also makes pine a much longer lasting bedding product meaning itís also economical to use.